DC Neighborhoods

Woodley Park

Woodley Park, the neighborhood directly west of the National Zoo and part of Rock Creek Park, was the site of fine summer homes in the late 1800s. Presidents and other political elite spent time there, likely enjoying the cool evenings outside the heat and bustle of downtown. Developers of the area envisioned the neighborhood’s section of Connecticut Avenue to be lined with elegant and stately homes. Much of the neighborhood today appears as it would have a century ago; lush, well kept gardens and manicured lawns gracing the properties alongside revival-style colonials.

Today’s Woodley Park is more accessible to Washington’s middle class population, though its properties still command respectable prices. The neighborhood does, however, have other housing options such as plenty of rental opportunities and recently built condominiums. Centrally located, traffic in the area can be difficult to navigate but the benefits of city amenities alongside bucolic, tree-lined streets makes the neighborhood highly desirable.


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