DC Neighborhoods

Colony Hill

Colony Hill, located in the southwest corner of Glover Archbold Park in Northwest Washington, D.C., consists of only five streets. Bounded on the north and east by the park, on the south by Reservoir Road NW and on the west by Foxhall Road NW, the neighborhood is purely residential.

Developed by in 1932 by Harry K. Boss as part of his building feud with Waverly Taylor, the original brochure for Colony Hill states the neighborhood was built for people “whose minds seek that elusive atmosphere of the old” and built borrowing themes from New England, Georgian and Grecian designs. This placed traditional-styled homes within reach of downtown Washington. However, when development rival, Taylor, began building his competing development that blocked the view enjoyed by Boss’s houses, progress was stopped. Only 43 of the originally 70 houses planned were actually built.


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