DC Neighborhoods


Berkley began as a 760 acre land grant given by Lord Baltimore in 1689. It was called Whitehaven and remained, like adjoining neighborhoods, farmland until the 20th century. Naturally isolated from the more cosmopolitan parts of D.C. by its location between Battery Kemble, Glover-Archbold and Wesley Heights Parks, Berkley is bucolic and pleasant because of its access to green spaces.

It is a suburban neighborhood, dominated by Georgian style colonial buildings and home to George Washington University’s Mt. Vernon College campus. Within its parkland borders, Berkley has many schools ranging from pre-K to higher education including Field School, a private co-ed middle and high school located on Foxhall Road. Other schools in the neighborhood are the Lab School, Our Lady of Victory parochial school and St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School.

The neighborhood, home of the German Embassy and the Kreeger Museum, contains a number of shops and restaurants. Recent upscale additions draw attention from locals and visitors from throughout NW Washington.


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