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Neighborhood Narrative: American University Park

Neighborhood Narrative:  American University Park

American University Park (AU Park) is named for the American University situated near, but not actually in, the neighborhood. AU Park is on the border of Maryland with its roughly diamond shaped boundaries defined by Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Western Avenues.

Developed in the 1920s by the WC and AN Miller Company, this neighborhood consists almost entirely of single-family homes, about three quarters of which are Colonial style. Homes are closely spaced, feature porches or stoops and often do not have driveways, thus lending to the cozier community spirit.

AU Park boasts some of the best public schools in DC as well as a peaceful, low-key atmosphere that is ideal for families. Activities and community are centered around Friendship Park, often called Turtle Park because of its five distinctive statues of the gentle aquatic animals. It is very residential save for a short span of restaurants and shops along Wisconsin Avenue.

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